The Padcaster – Professional video on an iPad

Introducing Padcaster.

Turn your iPad into a professional video system with the Padcaster



The new Padcaster Ultimate Studio is a superb all-in-one videoing system that helps you create projects in a doddle. All you need to do is install your iPad  and you’re away. Not only do you have the ease of use of filming with the iPad, it works perfectly with Camtasia, so you can film, edit and produce fantastic videos quickly and effectively.

Here’s a look at the Padcaster Ultimate Studio. The piece to camera at the beginning and end of the video, was filmed using the Padaster.



Padcaster Ultimate Studio includes your choice of Padcaster with all three microphones – the YT-1300 Shotgun mic, Stick Mic Kit and Lavalier mic! Also included are the dual mic/headphone splitter, .45x wide angle lens, the rugged VT-16 Tripod, XP-38 LED Light, a 5’x7’ portable Green Screen with carry case, the Mini Teleprompter and a padded Camera Backpack to store all of your gear!

Whether you choose the Ultimate Studio, or start off by picking and matching the Podcaster products for your immediate needs, it provides a cost effective, scaleable professional video-making solution.

Since it enhances the quality of the video making capabilities of your iPad, it means you don’t need to be a professional film-maker to start using it. However to create effective videos, we would recommend our one day Film Training course and learn how to edit your videos with Camtasia from a TechSmith Recommended Training Provider.



Coming soon – Padcaster Verse. 

• Compatible with any Apple, Android or other smartphones

• Compatible with small tablets up to 5.31 inches in width

• Thirteen (13) 1/4-20 threads for lights, microphones and other accessories

• Stand alone VERSE Pod is ultra-compact for easy packing to travel and create anywhere

• Rugged aluminum VERSE frame doubles as a full-featured mount for GoPros, DSLR and compact digital cameras



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