Here’s something to perk up your blogs – Kevin

I once Morris danced on live Romanian TV. It’s not something I’m proud of and you wouldn’t catch me at it again, but the advantage of doing the deed is that I now have the perfect hook to start a blog. Since it happened 25 years ago, we can only conclude that for a hook, it’s a been bit of a slow burner.

The point being, of course, is that whilst we may have some fantastic content we’d like to share, unless we get our audience’s buy in right from the start, we’re scuppered. I recommend brevity in a blog. Get to the point. Don’t dilly-dally. Then use tools to engage your reader. We do this a lot in training by adding activities to involve the learner and we can do this when blogging by adding video. If you are not confident to vlog, that’s fine. I’m talking about enhancing the viewers’ experience with video that can easily underline the points you are trying to make.

So, let’s see what my objectives in this piece are:

  • To underline that video is a powerful tool.
  • That video need not be difficult, or indeed, time consuming to produce.
  • Watch my video. It was made in less than an hour and I used Camtasia to create the content.
  • I’d like you to want to find out how I did it.

And if I answer, I promise not to dance. Get in touch.