Creating videos for business

I have written before that video is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. Yet there are still myths that surround video production that holds people back from taking the plunge and becoming the next Spielberg of the company. Video, it is believed, is expensive, time consuming and if you need something professional looking, then steer well clear and call in the experts.

This doesn’t always need to be the case. On this occasion, let’s talk about screencasting. This is the recording of a computer screen, often to illustrate a process or to train the viewer about a specific software package. To be able to achieve this you’ll need screen recording and video editing software, and a mic for voice recording. TechSmith’s Camtasia is designed to be easy to use, with built in tools that allow the user to create some really snazzy stuff. At $199 it’s hardly the price tag to take the breathe away. And because it is easy to use, it means that making a video is quick.

You simply choose the area on your screen you wish to capture, press record and you’re away. Editing allows you to highlight any part of your screen, you can zoom, add annotations and more.  

This cheeky little fella I created in about an hour – and that included writing the storyboard and importing the media needed. I designed it to run at a trade exhibition, as a simple way of communicating a message. In this case the message was the same as this blog, but judge for yourself which has been more effective – My creative prose, or my drag and drop video production. I know which I prefer making!