The deceit of the GIF-gaff – Kevin

In polite conversation, one should never bring up politics, religion or how to pronounce GIF. Particularly the last one. Is it hard G, like gift, or soft G as in geometry? I would always defer to the wisdom of the Oxford English Dictionary, but on this occasion they’ve nailed a comfy sofa to a fence and curled up in front of a box-set. They say both are acceptable. Since it stands for Graphic Interchange Format, I’ll err to G – for graphic.

Social media abounds with GIFs of yawning cats and skateboarding squirrels. But it would be unwise to consider this art form as not fit for purpose in the workplace. Companies are already creating GIFs illustrating quick tasks as part of “how to” content, for announcements, calls to action and as part of marketing messages. They can be embedded in online support documents, on web pages, indeed just about anywhere that you can attach an image or video.

Making a GIF is simple. A number of products enable you to create your mini-masterpiece. For outright speed, Snagit from TechSmith works a treat for me. Costing about £39, it enables you to capture video from your screen, make simple edits and save as a GIF.

I’ve created this GIF showing how to get in touch with us on the Raiveon website. It was created from start to finish in just over a minute (I was drinking tea at the time).


Should you want a free online demo of either product, then please let me know. You can email me at kevin@raiveon.co.uk or why not call on 0777 575 8340


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