Improving communication and training with video – The cost effective way

Over the past couple of years I have come across companies who have embraced video as an essential tool for communication and training. In a few cases, this enthusiasm has drawn them to build studios with all of the kit and caboodle of a professional TV set-up. One company I’ve worked with is using the superb facilities at MediaCityUK in Salford, whilst another has a rather enviable studio and gallery at their head office in Berkshire. To produce their output, they are hiring professional TV people and are creating some great looking content.

Not all of us however, have the luxury of voluminous pockets of cash to invest in such plush resources. Typically, companies will call in outside professionals to create particular content that is project driven as and when required. Others may have the occasional in-house volunteer to make videos for the business and both options have their ticks, as well as their crosses. Call in the pros and it will cost you accordingly – often many thousands, or tens of thousands of £s. In-house saves money, but what about the quality?

For many companies, cost means that keeping it in-house can work. If this is you then there are 3 steps that need to be covered to create effective videos:

Kit: A good camera, mic and lighting are key. There’s no need to invest in specific filming equipment when you have hardware at hand that is familiar and intuitive. I present, for your delectation, the Padcaster:


Software: You’ll need to edit, produce and share those videos and to do this the software should be easy to use, quick to learn and enable you to create professional looking content. There are some great software products such as from Adobe, but if you’re looking for a product that is intuitive and quick to learn then I would suggest Camtasia.


Know-how: Great. You’ve got everything you need, but how do you become an effective film-maker? Understanding how to plan, script, film, set-up and frame your shots, edit and produce, along with presenting to the camera – all these need to be learned. So it is essential that you look at training. We’re not talking about giving up the day job and enrolling at a creative arts university. No, just some focused, specialised learning that covers what you need to know.

At Raiveon, we cover all bases. We supply the kit, software and all the training needed to get you up and running. Our filming and presenting training is delivered by professionals with many years of experience in TV at the BBC, commercial and Sky channels, both front and behind the camera. According to the scope of the learning required it is just a matter of days before you’re confidently producing effective and engaging video content.

So, if you’re looking at a cost effective way to improve communication and training using video then talk to us on 0203 478 2367, or email

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