Say goodbye to “shelf-ware”

It was a term I heard first nearly 20 years ago, when a company would buy software and never deploy it. Hence the box of CDs would sit on a shelf, looking forlorn and fast becoming useless. Today we do the same, it’s a licence key that sits in a folder, or an app never installed. One (of many) reasons for this software wastage is a lack enthusiasm to use the software because, quite frankly, users don’t know how.

At Raiveon, we use Camtasia to create learning videos for clients, but we go further. We also share our expertise to enable you to produce your own learning videos, quickly and effectively. And this month, we became a TechSmith Authorised Reseller – so now you can get the Camtasia from us too.

Gone are the days of shelf-ware. If you’re looking to roll-out software to your users or clients, then we can help you develop the all important learning experience. To celebrate, we are offering a magnificent 20% off Camtasia training when you buy Camtasia licences from us. Be quick. The offer ends 30th June 2017.


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