Chameleon; my story. Chapter 1 – Jayne

Chameleon – my story: Chapter 1

Previously, in the “Chameleon – my story: Introduction”, I shared my personal challenge of 2017 – to be confident in front of the camera. Today, I share how I took my first step.

I attended a Presenter skills taster session for video conducted by Brian Naylor, TV Training Academy. I’d met Brian at an event at Pinewood Studies a couple of years ago.

During the session Brian offered guidance on core presenting skills. He demonstrated how important tone and body language are for effective communication. We also discussed equipment i.e. mics, tripods and 3 point lighting. I have since purchased a Lavalier mic, a table top tripod and a larger tripod with carry case. During the camera techniques session I picked up some great tips such as use micro movements to aid communication, anchor from the waist down, keep eyes on the lens and do not glance away unless you refer to what you are looking at.

I felt positive after the session and excited to give it a go, after all how hard could it be? Admittedly I broke the first rule as I didn’t prepare what I was going to say or how I was going to end but I just wanted to try it. Sat at my favourite bar on the South Bank I set-up the table top tripod and attached the iPhone. I gave myself a moment to think of something to say and signalled to Kevin, my cameraman, that I was ready. He gave me the ‘up on 3’ signal and I began. All went well until I realised we hadn’t agreed the signal to stop. My eyes glanced away from the lens to signal I was finished breaking another rule.

I’m pleased I gave it a go and it’s a huge relief to have completed my first video. It’s far from perfect! At least now I have an understanding of the key elements of effective communication for video, I just need to practice. I’m reluctant to share the video with you, however as you are following my progression, it’s only right I share it: First on-camera video

Find out how I get on in Chapter 2 – where I keep practicing and make my video email signature.

What was your first on-camera experience?

Jayne Davids – Learning and development specialist

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