“How to” videos in the workplace

Several years ago Jayne persuaded me that we should go camping. It’s a great way to have a cheap break and let the children run feral. So we drove out and got the biggest tent we could afford and jollied off to countryside of England and Wales. Before long, little problems arouse with the tent, the most annoying be the zip on the front door. It gave up closing properly. But how to fix this irksome issue? I had no background in tent technology or zipper maintenance. I was stuck. Briefly. With a good internet connection I was on YouTube and a solution to mend my dodgy door was at hand. A nice American gentleman had gone to the effort to make a “how to” video on the very subject I needed. Tent fixed. Happy family.

Organisations are coming to realise that videos are a fantastic way of answering the question of “how to”, but instead of tent zip maintenance (unless they are expressly in the business of fixing camping goods), it could be how to fill in an expense form, or how to reset a password, or how to raise a purchase order. The list seems endless. We’ve just completed a video following the process of an employee’s self assessment form going from year start through to year end and with interactions from line and senior management. Everyone is now clear on what to do and when to do it.

Think of the time saved by IT support teams in answering the same question, when a “how to” video could be available, or a finance department having to chase an expenses claim that has been filled out wrong. Video is an effective answer.

It doesn’t need to be expensive. We’ve recently trained a client to film and edit their own videos in-house, whilst others ask us to do it for them. At Raiveon we can teach you how to, or create and produce for you. It’s whatever you need. And we work with some superb talent, bringing highly trained, professional broadcasters into the corporate environment to ensure your videos are of the highest quality.

So make a list. How many little things are there in your organisation that a video can fix? Take a look at The real effectiveness of video.

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