Film Training

In our one day Film Training course, you will learn how to shoot quality film footage for your Camtasia video.

Shooting a video interview for the workplace is becoming more common, however it can have its challenges. To make those videos effective, new skills may need to be learned.

Film Training in collaboration with PPM Production

In collaboration with PPM Production Ltd, we are able to offer video, interview and presentation training packages that teach you how to film, edit and produce your videos in Camtasia. You will learn to present, interview, frame shots, add clips, green-screen and more, enabling you to deliver highly polished content to your audience.

PPM Photo
Peter Price is a TV, radio and online producer who founded his own production company after spending ten years at the BBC where he produced ‘Digital Planet’ on World Service radio and ‘Click’ on BBC TV.
Since founding PPM Production in 2013 the company has won a series of commissions focusing on architecture and design for BBC Culture – including Jonathan Glancey’s Design Icons, Starchitects and High Life. Highlights for Radio 4 include investigative documentaries ‘Crisis In The Curry Kitchen‘ with Hardeep Singh Kohli and ‘Erasing Enoch‘ with the Guardian’s Hugh Muir.
PPM continues to work at the cutting edge of technology and recently created the world’s first virtual reality magic trick for the Royal Television Society.
Peter offers training across all media including sound for radio production and all aspects of television production – including shooting, lighting, editing and directing. He offers training in a relaxed and fun environment with an emphasis on practical work. His training clients include the BBC, Press Association, Frontline Club and TalkTalk.


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